Helki Frantzen Cinematographer


PSA for Abled Arts Network

Credit: Director, Camera, Editor


Willowbrook, an unincorporated neighborhood of Los Angeles County south of downtown Los Angeles, northwest of Compton and just south of Watts, is undergoing a major urban transformation spurred by the landmark reopening of the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital. As part of the significant planning process, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and project partners LA Commons and artist Rosten Woo, employed innovative research and engagement strategies to identify and map the community's cultural assets.

Credit: Editor


Blackberries, Razors, and Droids. OMG! We spend so much time with them, but cell phones are still a mystery. How do our voices travel through the air? Why do our bills work the way they do? Who owns the air? "What the Cell?" is a documentary about how cell phone signals travel, what spectrum is, and how regulation and current business models shape what we can do with phones today. The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) worked with an intrepid group of NYC high school students to interview engineers, lawyers, consumer advocates, and electrophysicists; we inspected a high-security switching station; and we scoped out Consumers Reports' test labs. "What the Cell?" breaks down the switches, wires, airwaves, and policies that affect your cell phone service. Check out the video and get to know your airwaves a little better. The video is a collaboration of Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), CUP teaching artist Helki Frantzen, and students from St. John's Recreation Center in Brooklyn. Learn more at welcometoCUP.org

Credit: Teaching Artist


Your neighborhood Internet: who builds it, who owns it, and why it matters. A curious extraterrestrial and a ragtag team of New York City youth investigate the underground world of Internet infrastructure. They meet with a city council member, Verizon engineers, law professors, packet switchers, and subterranean landlords, and discover a pattern of ownership and regulation more shocking than they could have ever imagined. Project Team: Helki Frantzen (Teaching Artist), Brian Garrido, Darnell Lubin, Johanna Pajuelo, Kristian Roberts, with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Rosten Woo, Sarah Nelson Wright, Valeria Mogilevich, John Mangin, and People's Production House, Joshua Breitbart, Alexis Walker. If you're interested in using The Internet is Serious Business in a classroom, contact info@anothercupdevelopment.com for the DVD and Educator's Guide.

Credit: Teaching Artist